Monday, September 26, 2011

Dr Yes!

I saw Dr Chung last week and he said yes to everything! I also had a flu shot (first one ever) and that was fine. The lung Dr. said my lungs look great. There's still that tiny anomaly that was there before the transplant but it hasn't grown or changed. She said I'll have 1 more CAT scan in November and if all is well- she'll be out of my life. I'm not sure why she keeps scanning me for cats. It's truly odd. So I'm doing good. The doc says I'll be off my final medication in mid October. I've been blessed and that's for sure.
I'm working my way up to rejoining the gym. I'm a little scared. I've got a long way to go before I'm as fit as I was, but I'm thinking it's time to pick up the pace.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 311

I went to the the docs last week for the lab results and also took a series of lung tests. The lab biopsy results were all great. I'm still 100% donor and 100% male. I am still a little anemic but it's slowly heading in the right direction. I'll meet with the chest doc on sept. 14th to review my latest lung tests. My biliruben is holding tight at 2.6. The docs say I can't do anything but wait. I asked Dr Toor (the strictest of the docs) my long list of "can I" questions. He's the king of no. On the 14th I see Dr Chung who is the King of Yes. I need McCarty. He's the big cheese. I'm not sure when I'll see him. The better I get the more boring I am as a patient (good!). I have my next bone marrow biopsy on Halloween and then it should be 6 months before the next one. Things change but I'm hoping this won't. I have been having a biopsy every one- two months for the past 2 years. My lower back looks like the big dipper!
I'm teaching on-line and doing the gallery and my office hours. I'm still being diligent about napping, nutrition, juicing and exercise. I'm working very, slowly, but I'm working. My hair still looks like Bill Clintons. James and I were practicing our presidential impersonations. He's doing Reagan (booooooooo) and I'm doing Clinton.

Stay well,