Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 154!!!

Hi Buds,
It's day 154. Can you believe that? I'm doing fine. No drama. My friend John is still with me. I love hearing him and James talking and laughing together in the morning. (I stay in bed until I hear the bananas being cut up). John is a good cook and an amazing cleaner. I've been house bound for a few days (furiously grading) but I think I may venture out today. I need to start the wheels in motion for going home too- reconnecting the internet, trash pick up etc. I keep picturing myself on the dreamy porch. I need to go home this week and see my flowers. I bet my tulips are blazing!
That's all I've got. No news is GREAT news.
Take care,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 151

Hello Blog Pals,
So things went great at the clinic. My bilirubin is down to 2.4 (from 3.0 on thurs). I have learned how to spell bilirubin, which is good. My scans showed that everything was normal with my kidneys, liver etc. There was a small amount of liver disease from the chemo but it hasn't gotten worse and the doc says you could live your whole life and never even know you had the tiny amount of disease. So I'm ok with that. He also said we are still on track for going home on April 30th. There is still a danger of graft vs. host disease but that's an on-going concern. It could happen at any time or not at all so we are still cleared for take off. I feel very good and optimistic. I am going to take a little nap now and then grade some papers!!!! My dear friend John Mennes is coming into town tonight to take care of me. He's an old friend from Miami and grew up with James. He's also Marie's lovely husband. He might also be the sweetest man in the world. (except for james, of course)
Yayyyy Beryl

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Liver Scan!

My friend Kate brought me in for my tests today. The worst part was not eating or drinking for 8 hrs before the test. The breathing therapy went well and the scan was on time and painless. They scanned all my guts. I had no idea where some of my organs were. The tech was very nice and told me what everything was and what we were looking for. She was great. Apparently your liver can't get pregnant so call off the baby shower. I go back to the clinic on monday and the doc will tell me what the deal is. My billiruben went up a little more to 3. On a happier note my hair is growing a little more and I look like ........well, lets just say I'm still wearing a hat. I had a good talk tonight with my friend Lisa, who is in the middle of her own health struggles and she sounded great. I'm so grateful for the people in my life. They're jewels.
I'm loving the Spring. Even the weeds are a gorgeous green!
Take care,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 145

I'm just getting ready to grade papers. It's day 145- nothing special going on today- just school work. My billiruben (sp??) level went up a tiny bit again and the doc says I look yellowish. He took me off the liver helping drug and gave me NEW meds for a bladder infection. They are starting to get worried about my liver and want me to get a sonogram this thurs. I think my liver might be pregnant! My bone marrow is young enough to reproduce so we'll see what happens. James and I worked on a new EMDR tapping affirmation involving my liver and bladder. I don't even like to SAY those words! In the meantime I'm drinking water like a fish.
Marie went back to Florida. She was great- she can fold clothes too! (like Mari) I was kind of saving the last basket of clothes she folded. I didn't want to put the clothes away too soon- i wanted to savor it. My folding is really bad. I think I wait too long. I also wanted to say that Silvia makes the BEST scrambled eggs with cheese. Delish!!!
Stay well,

Thursday, March 17, 2011


We are also celebrating Bridget's birthday too!!
AND today I met my on-line mentor, Gloria H. She had her transplant 2.5 years ago and is doing really well. Her blog helped me establish my goals for this event. She is very focused and optimistic. She, along with Ashley S., have been huge allies!

Day 140

Good Morning,
My dear friend, Marie, is with me this week. We've been friends for three decades!!! She's a great cook and competitive! I gained 3 lbs from Mari's visit and Marie is committed to making me gain 5! I'm going to roll home to cville!! My sons and daughers-in law (present and future) are coming over to celebrate James' birthday. It will be home cooking, for sure. I won't be doing any cooking but Marie will! She's the new and improved model.
I'm back on an old drug to help my liver. I'm not thrilled about this but I'm being a good patient. (good but disgruntled!) I'm keeping up with the naps and exercise and juicing. I'm loving the trees in bloom and seeing the bulbs come up. This is my favorite time of year!
Be well,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy Day 133

It's been raining all day. Mari left for Spain this afternoon. She was so fun. We laughed so much and everything is super clean and organized. (sigh, as my friend Laura would say) It was a great 10 days and I'll miss her. You should she how she folds clothes. I swear, you don't need to iron- it's a domestic miracle. I don't know how she does it. Apparently I didn't get any folding skills from my donor. I went to school yesterday and visited a little with my people. It felt good to be there. I'm longing to go back- that's for sure. I have the best boss and co-workers.
I came home from the airport today and took a long nap. There's a little playground outside of my apt. window and it's often filled with little kids, yelling and happy to be outside. On a day like today it was just the sound of rain...very dreamy. I'm going to walk on the beast now- walk off some of Mari's delicious food. I have her recipe for chicken and rice now so as soon as I can cook again I'll have no excuse not to be a genius chef!
Take care,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 130

Hello Blog Buds,
Today is day 130! I went to the docs today with Mari. All went well. I didn't need any magnesium or blood. In fact for the first time my hemoglobin went up without a transfusion. This is very good news for me. Things are starting to work together. I still am very nap-focused but this is a step in the right direction. School is going well. I'm grateful to be able to teach for many reasons. I need the money, of course, but I also want to stay involved and have work to do. I like teaching on-line. I miss the contact but students are very germy so this is working out better for me. Mari is here for two more days. We are still eating like kings. James has def. gained weight- I lost two lbs which I don't understand. It must be those calorie burning power naps that are effecting me. I don't think I have EVER not worried about weight gain. It's weird. It's part of the wackness!
Yesterday I stayed in my PJ's all day and just read and napped. It was a rainy day so I thought I would see what that was like. It was great. I didn't even make an effort to "look" productive! Actually I was very busy making hemoglobin!!
Stay well,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 127

Hi All,
It's been quiet and all's well. Two people have contacted me about the name of the town in question and it was "Mouth of Wilson" and apparently the nearest Cracker Barrel to Mouth of Wilson is in Wytheville.
Mari, my dear friend from Spain, has been cooking up a storm and I've been eating like a monkey! When I'm recovered I need to make more of an effort in my cooking. Apparently a PB&J is not an entree!
Take care,