Friday, July 19, 2019

Day 16

My mouth/face infection is almost gone. I'm still needing platelets regularly. I'm still ready to go home, but I get why it's important to be here. The days go by pretty fast, but there are so many of them. The docs are very happy with my progress.
And now for what's happening in my garden thanks to Betsy C. She sent me a few photos which is almost as good as grandkid pics. Rowan is sitting up by herself now. She is a strong and adorable little girl. Thomas is Thomas. I miss them and my kids so much.

Look- the trellis roses are blooming!!!!
Look at these Susans and Zinnias!!
Your welcome!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Final Day of the CONE

Today is day 14, so theoretically things should improve. They are still trying to fight the infection I have in my face and mouth. I went to the dentist today- she said my teeth were excellent (I am a dental hygiene maniac) I had a CT done of my face, I'll hear results tomorrow. The docs are going wild on the antibiotics.
Other than that I can eat again, I didn't exercise today but I will tomorrow. I did a few stretches but that was it. I'm getting a unit of blood today and my hair is starting to grow back. I'm just going to say, therapy, visualization and relaxation techniques are freekin KEY. (therapist husband, granddkids and children/wives are key too) And now- here is a pic of me, and my two colleagues from Barry University, both wonderful artists, Angi Curreri and Silvia Lizama. We use to call ourselves the "three fabulous babes". My brother, Joe, took the picture. I didn't even have to airbrush us!

Take care, Beryl

Friday, July 12, 2019


So I am moving along. I am in the chemo cone- where side effects live. So far I have a non-itchy rash and a little something going on in my mouth. No one is worried. My heart rate, blood oxygen and temp are all normal. I haven't had the "food tastes weird" thing yet, but I'm counting on it to take off that freshman 15. I made my rolly bed table into a standing desk, which is my best idea today. The days are passing. The thinking is I'll be discharged on the 30th, see my doc 0n the 31st and be on a plane August first. You all know how goal oriented I am. In the meantime, Thomas is reading and Rowan is sitting up!!! Here's a pic of James in the glass booth. We put the phones on speaker and just do what we are doing. Then, here's a view from my room. This is the view from everyone's room.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Last Chemo tomorrow

I am getting my hair buzzed tomorrow morning and probably starting isolation afterwards. I will leave the room, take a shower, and the cleaners will clean the room, wipe down/sanitize  everything I own and then I'll be in isolation.
I am feeling ok.My numbers are dipping and I'm tired. I have an exercise bike in the room so I'll try to exercise. Tomorrow I'll take a photo of the view from my room. I see nothing but tall medical buildings.
I'm off to sleep.
Take care,

Friday, July 5, 2019

I am in it!


I finally got in Weds Night and started treatment Thurs. Today I was moved into the isolation section and when my numbers drop, I'll be confined to y room until they come back. I have more chemo tomorrow, then rest then the final round on Monday. James is with me until I am in isolation and then we'll have to visit through a glass window or skype. This is really weird. I hope it works. If it does, I'll be ready for the transplant. Oddly enough, the transplant is less strict than this. Maybe that's why their success rate is so high. I'm being as good a patient as I can. Although, they have made several mistakes on my regular meds so James and I are being very watchful. James is his usual bulldog self. He's the perfect storm. He's who you want to have your back. I brought pics of my family and my sweet house. I made them poster sized so I can really see them. They really help.
Stay tuned and keep me in your prayers.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Still in a holding pattern

I wasn't admitted today. The room wasn't ready at 4pm, not ready at 7pm and still needed cleaning which takes several hours. The plan was for me to wait and get the Picc line put in sometime tonight or early morning (like 2:00 am.) That wasn't going to work for me so they called my doc and told him I wanted to sleep in the hotel and try again tomorrow. Apparently things in admission are loose. Hmmm. We went to Target and bought kitchen stuff for James and t-shirts for me. I am still not sure where the picc line will be but I do know it needs to be accessible. In the meantime, here is a drawing from Thomas called Rainbow Hurricane.
PS I did get a lot of grading done today!