Thursday, October 31, 2013

Third Year Anniversary! WooHoo!!!!!!!

So two days ago (Oct 29th) was my third anniversary (or birthday as we BMT folk like to say)! It actually feels so far in the past that it's hard to believe all that happened. I was working in the garden last weekend, digging up big plants and moving them into other parts of the garden. I wore a mask and gloves (I default to caution) but other than that I felt as I've always felt. Strong and capable. I've been working in the clay studio again and teaching up a storm at school. I'm exercising diligently and maintaining a VERY healthy, plant based diet. Organic as possible and juicing or blending greens almost everyday. My partner in health is the lovely James. I feel great. I'm fit (16 big girl push ups) and full of energy. I am the luckiest person in the world. It continues to be a team effort- great docs, great friends and a wonderful family.
In health,

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great Results today!

I went to Richmond today for my results. I saw the adorable Dr. Chung and he said my results were perfect! He said they could not have been better!!! I go back for tests in ONE YEAR!!!!!
This is big and fantastic news. This Oct 29th is my 3 year anniversary. I feel fantastic and super healthy! I'm still juicing, exercising, meditating, tapping, doing EMDR and taking great care of myself. Thanks for all of your support!
Yayyyyyyy, Beryl

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I sure took my sweet old time!

Hi, All tests came back well. I continue to be the poster girl for transplant success. I'm still waiting for my darn billboard on I-95 near the hospital. I'm not getting any younger, people! When James and I were there last time several other patients commented that we looked like movie stars- I was compared to Jamie Lee Curtis and James looked like a generic leading man. I have to say- the bar is pretty low- lots of sweat pants and giant t-shirts in the waiting rooms. Plus there's the whole bald thing. Either way- I'm taking the compliments! We had a great Christmas. The kids came over for the big dinner and we had a wonderful time. Even though I'm doing so well, I feel grateful everyday. I'm working hard to keep my fitness level up and to maintain all the healthful habits I developed over the past two years. I definitely like getting older! Here's to a happy and healthy new year to all my family and friends. I continue to be a lucky duck. Gratefully, Beryl