Saturday, August 14, 2010

Temporary Blog

I'm starting this temporary blog so my dear buds and fam can get the latest info on my transplant. As of yesterday, Aug. 13th, two new donors were found for me. They are both perfect matches (10/10) Testing will begin soon on the first donor, a 39 yr. old man. If I get his marrow, I expect to become very hairy and and start liking football. (joke!)It's my understanding that 6-8 weeks is the soonest I can expect to get the transplant BUT that's all super iffy. I'll post when I know something. In the meantime, i've just finished a round of chemo and celebrated my 1 year chemically enhanced anniversary. I feel great, and plan to go back to school on monday. I'll work until I have to go to the hospital.
My brother, Joe, is making me a kick ass website complete with webcam and calendars. When that is up and running I'll send you the site address.


  1. I'm so happy we'll have a place to track your progress--and your naughtiness! :-) I miss you already. Sigh. But I'm writing to you on my RED mini computer, which is wonderfully adorable and jazzy. You'd love it.

    Thanks for helping us follow along with you. I've got my fingers crossed that the transplant match means good things for you!

  2. Hi Beryl, Tim has been keeping me informed about what has been going on. I am sorry you and james are having to go through this. The 2 donor match is a very positive development. I am glad you are incorporating both allopathic and alternative therapies-- I have had seen several patients in my practice with MDS, most have done well and I guess have the mild form of the disease. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you--I only work 20 hours a week so could help with driving-cooking etc. Deb mentioned you might need help with your plants, but unfortunately I have a brown thumb and no room. Take care, Love, VA

  3. Thanks Beryl. I am excited by the 2 matches . Great news!! You are making me learn to blog too. Tim

  4. I tried to post something and my new computer/keyboard ate it. So if you already heard from me consider this a bonus. As your cousin I could be a match. I'm in excellent health and my diabetes is under very good control. Prayers and good wishes from me to you.

    Meg (aka Ceci)

  5. i love you girl. you are doing awesome, thanks for sharing, it helps me.
    xxxooo dale