Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 175

Hi All,
I just took my last immunosuppressant drug this morning. Now we will watch as my new and improved immune system merges seamlessly with my body and creates a new super human. I keep thinking of the movie with Jeff Goldblum "The Fly". I won't turn into the creepy fly tho- too unattractive and gooey. Maybe I'll visualize something else. The terminator when he's all melted and reassembles to form an even more menacing version of himself? Wait, wait, I'm still working on it. I gotta get all this scary stuff out of my head or I'll end up a sticky, melty mess. Anyway- send me your best vibes.
oxoxBeryl (new an improved!!!)
PS I'm including a photo of my new hair do.I think I look a little like George Clooney now!!


  1. WOW-I wonder if your donor was a handsome male--that could be interesting--I think he has a healthy immune system which you now will have too-sending positive thoughts your way as always-it will be great to have you back in C'ville--love, VA

  2. I am sending you many positive thoughts and prayers!!!

  3. You've got as many of my positive thoughts as I can send your way!!

  4. Being a shapeshifter is an awesome super power, but what you are doing is even more incredible.
    I know you will kick ass on this part too, why change now.
    Big germfree virtual hug.