Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm not pregnant!

I went to the Ob/Gyn yesterday and I'm NOT pregnant! My flora and fauna is not what it should be so we're doing a little tweeking. I'm on a few new meds which will hopefully do the trick. They are wanting to rule out the Graft vs Host option. (Just say no!)
That's all I got. My hair is about an inch long and very weird in texture. My friend Laura says it's like a baby chick but I think it's like a crazy wire haired terrier. Or maybe a sheep. It wants to go into a fauxhawk but I won't let it!!! It's got a mind of it's own.
The kittens continue to be charming and adorable. They are learning to climb trees. They really are genius kittens.
Take care,


  1. I thought they wanted you to get a tiny bit of G v. H, just a smidgeon. Maybe this is it, and it will be cleared up in no time.

    Yes, baby chick. Definitely baby chick.


  2. Maybe you'll end up with the Jewish 'fro after all.