Monday, October 10, 2011

The next step!

I went to see my integrative doctor last week and he sent me for a boatload of bloodwork and tests. (Dr. Marty Albert) He's very thorough and is trying to rebuild me with vitamins and herbs. He and his wife, nutritionist Peggy Wright, are very innovative and willing to research and use their professional connections to make me a new plan. I'm down to one medicine (finished on oct 14) and now have a tons of new vitamins and herbs to take. I actually feel more energized.I still need the nap but I feel kind of peppy sometimes. It's been a while since "peppy" was an option. So I'm going with it. I see the Richmond docs on Halloween for a bone marrow biopsy, CT scan and bone density scan. Holiday appropriate, I think. I'm still seeing my awesome acupuncturist every other week and she's working on energy and blood too. Jody Forman, love her! So rebuilding my health is very much in the foreground. I'm still walking the beast everyday too, of course. Love the beast!
Stay well,

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