Thursday, January 3, 2013

I sure took my sweet old time!

Hi, All tests came back well. I continue to be the poster girl for transplant success. I'm still waiting for my darn billboard on I-95 near the hospital. I'm not getting any younger, people! When James and I were there last time several other patients commented that we looked like movie stars- I was compared to Jamie Lee Curtis and James looked like a generic leading man. I have to say- the bar is pretty low- lots of sweat pants and giant t-shirts in the waiting rooms. Plus there's the whole bald thing. Either way- I'm taking the compliments! We had a great Christmas. The kids came over for the big dinner and we had a wonderful time. Even though I'm doing so well, I feel grateful everyday. I'm working hard to keep my fitness level up and to maintain all the healthful habits I developed over the past two years. I definitely like getting older! Here's to a happy and healthy new year to all my family and friends. I continue to be a lucky duck. Gratefully, Beryl

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