Thursday, June 4, 2015


I finished the last Chemo two days ago and I have to say it's much different this time around. It's feeling more like chemo chemo- no appetite, nausea, low energy etc. I'm a little depressed but working on it. I was with baby Thomas today- we BOTH took naps and I was wasted at the end of the day. He does lift my spirits tho. He is so freekin sweet! I ate some poached eggs, took vitamins and I'm heading for the shower, then bed. I'm hoping it gets easier. I think it has to. James did emdr with me last night for HOURS. It helps.  I was whooped yesterday but better today. I haven't been up to working out the past few days. Maybe tomorrow.
Keep sending me the good healing vibes.
I get more donor cells on July 6th.
Thank God they froze some!
Take care,

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