Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Almost Perfect!!!!

I just spoke with my UVA doc and he had the test results. He said they did 4 different tests and in all of them I had only  ONE single abnormal cell. I am 100% donor bone marrow again and 100% donor blood! When they grew out my cells to check for my cellular irregularity I had one bad cell out of 200. So the news is excellent. He thinks I'll have 2 more chemo rounds, a dose of donor cells, 2 more chemos, a bone marrow biopsy and blood work and then two more rounds of chemo. The protocol may change but at this point that's what they are planning.
So- things look great.
It takes a village and I thank all of you. I'll continue being as diligent as I can be and kick that one freaky cell to the curb!


  1. That is fantastic news!!! I wish you didn't have to have all the subsequent chemo, but I'm so glad everything is on the big upswing!

  2. So happy for such good results....

  3. So great!!!! Love from the Taylor's.....xoxox

  4. Such Great News! And you did everything to get it! I too wish you didn't have to do anything else - especially the chemo.

    xoxo betsy