Sunday, January 17, 2016

Moving forward

So all my big chemo is done. The VCU docs have come up with an even  newer protocol that adds 6 new rounds of chemo NOT 4 rounds and still- 5 days instead of 7 and less than half the dose. One week on, 3 weeks off. This is the latest latest latest protocol and seems to have the best outcome for someone like me. In the meantime I am all donor blood and 100% donor marrow so that's great. The chemo has really depleted my blood and when I went in this monday my UVA doc looked at my bloodwork and said let's wait a week before we start the baby rounds- get my levels up and then we'll do new bloodwork. So that happens tomorrow. He feels and the VCU docs agree, that since I am doing so well, there's no reason to pummel my system with more chemo immediately. I'll know in a day or 2 how they want to proceed. In the meantime I caught a cold and have been resting a lot and letting it run a normal course. I'm being super careful. School has started and it should be a not crazy semester. Here's hoping.
I'll update soon but know that things are good.
Take care,