Wednesday, July 12, 2017

And now for something completely different!

I just spoke with Dr Daver  (MD ANDERSON) and he said my blasts were normalish (still signs of my original disease but it's moving slowly). He said I wasn't eligible for any of the trials because the blasts weren't advanced enough (under 5% is normal) and I wasn't getting transfusions, or other drugs to build hemoglobin. They just changed the trial I was eligible for to exclude patients who had had a transplant. They changed that 2 weeks ago. They found toxicity issues with 3 of the patients. So it's kind of good news I think. He suggests I go back on  vidaza   on a 5 day a month schedule.  He suggested I get another biopsy in 3 months and we see what we see. He thinks it's possible for the vidaza to normalize the cells and put me back in remission. So I'm meeting with my UVA doc next week and I'll probably start on a 5 day chemo cycle soon. This is maybe good news- that's how I'm taking it, anyway. I'm going to keep doing all the good healthy stuff I've been doing and try to slow this train down. I'm glad I don't have to go to Houston. My house is becoming so livable! I'll include some photos.

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  1. Holy moly.....good news that you were not in the trial....and that you will be home getting stronger and stronger!!!LOVE you Bud!! LXXXOOXO