Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Donor resurfaces

I received this message today:
"The POTENTIAL donor has agreed to donate!
This 39 yo Male is in the process of having labwork and his history and physical scheduled and done.
We have been told to expect Donor Clearance 9/23.
The tentative time frame, pending FINAL DONOR CLEARANCE is:
Admit 9/29
Transplant 10/7 "
So IF the tests are all ok I have a date. My last two donors didn't make it past the final testing so it's still a possible date- not cast in stone.


  1. During standard estate planning conference, I asked my old friend (artist) R.C. Bailey if he wanted to donate his organs. - "Hell no!", he said, "but if someone wants to donate their body to keep my organs alive, I'm all for that". Guess it's a matter of perspective eh?