Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Ready

I'm packing clothes and scrubbing out my vases to take to Richmond with me, working in the garden, potting stuff to send away, doing laundry, returning library books, finishing things.
James is in florida seeing his Mom before the transplant.
I'm loving my IPAD. I'm all apple all the time now. I told my bone marrow doc about it and he was jazzed.
I'm on 4 new meds- anti viral ant fungal. One of them was giving me hallucinations when I closed my eyes. They were beautiful but kept me awake and apparently hallucinations aren't a good thing (who knew?) so I'm off that (VFEND) and will try something else on monday.
I worked this week with Bridget on her and Ian's porch. We tiled her design and it is gorgeous.
Take care,


  1. B, So great to be with you last Sunday. As I mentioned, I want to help, so will contact your brother. The info below is about the Molavite stone we gave you. Stay strong-Love VA

    Moldavite Crystal Enhances Spiritual Awareness - H.RaabMoldavite Tektite is an important New Age crystal, encouraging spiritual awareness, and connection with both higher realms and extraterrestrial communication.

    One of the rarest, and most coveted stones of the New Age spiritual movement is the Moldavite crystal. These green or brownish-green, glassy stones are believed to be of extraterrestrial origin, strewn about areas of Moldova, the Czech Republic, and Germany, where a meteor struck the Earth almost fifteen millions years ago. They are highly prized for their intense metaphysical properties, and specifically, their ability to enhance spiritual awareness.

    The Origins of Moldavite Tektite
    There are different theories as to the exact origin of this New Age spiritual crystal, although it is generally accepted that it has something to do with the meteor which struck, and therefore created, the Bohemian plateau. It could be that Moldavite Tektite is merely terrestrial material, transformed from the extreme heat of the meteor. It may also be a fusion of rock from the Earth, and material from the meteorite. This rare spiritual crystal has been valued as a talisman of good fortune for tens of thousands of years, and even is reputed to be connected to the Holy Grail.

    Today, Moldavite crystal is considered one of the most powerful metaphysical stones. Many who encounter it have spoken of an intense feeling, or rise of energy in the body. It may help bring knowledge from higher realms, from extraterrestrial thought, and even from the Akashic Record. Unlike almost all healing crystals, Moldavite does not actually heal the body, but merely causes one to understand the foundations of their illness. In this way, this New Age crystal is unique in that its power revolves around raising mental, psychological, and spiritual awareness. Also, unlike other healing crystals which are usually prevalent in many areas of the Earth, Moldavite is only found in one area, and will eventually become extinct.

  2. Hi V,
    I wear it all the time- I love the necklace and I love the intention!