Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 186

OMG I am home. My house is clean thanks to a hard working Tracy and all my stuff is here thanks to a long list of awesome friends (Barbara, Marion, Anna, Jennifer, Laura, Bridget, Lyle, katie, Sarah, Doug, Josh, Tom, Wayne, Diane, Betsy, Andy, Jim, Hope, Kate, Ted, Dottie Bird, Rob, Evan, Deborah, John Randall, and anyone else I've forgotten). What a bunch of generous and hard-working friends. I've been thinking about all my caregivers too. People are so kind and generous. I feel like I'm at a big milestone. I know it's not over, by any means, but it feels like a huge accomplishment to have been through the transplant and made it back home, still resembling myself. Of course James is my number one advocate and partner. Nothing would have been possible without him. I got so lucky! Who knew, so many years ago, that he was more than just a pretty face??

So I'm home, I slept like a baby and everything is beautiful. I'm slowly unpacking today while James, Katie and Lyle clean up the apartment. It was a wonderful place to stay and everyone was lovely to us. (although I did scare my neighbor's children with the mask....and maybe I shouldn't have tried to stuff them in my trunk, either. and learn.

My garden is beautiful, thanks to Bridget. It is in full flower and so green, it breaks your heart.

I go to the clinic tomorrow and it's time for another bone marrow biopsy. This is a big painful test but I'm going to float in, get tanked up on drugs, and float out. My ct scans last week looked good and my pulmonary tests went well too. I was at a 20% loss of lung function at the last test. I don't know how much I improved but the technician said there was definite improvement. (Thank you, mighty beast)

It's the end of the semester and I'll be grading like a wild thing. This has been a lot of work but I'm grateful for it. I needed to stay plugged into the world and my work and colleagues at PVCC have made that possible.

I'm going to go unpack some more boxes!!! I'm home!!!! I can't believe it. So happy, so grateful!!!!
PS This is a pic of me and my God daughter, Dottie Tarbell (Dottie Bird). She came to help me move back in. The doc said I could hold her with some conditions (which we met) and she was delicious. OMG sweet sweet sweet! (I look GOOD with a baby...I'm just saying...)


  1. Welcome home!!!! I'm so glad you can be in your own space as you make your next leaps toward 100% recovery!

  2. PS--Dottie is absolutely adorable!

  3. oh man, there's nothing like a sweet baby to make you feel wonderful. Home sounds perfect. Enjoy your beautiful garden and I hope the squirrels are behaving. xoxo

  4. Omigod that's the first time I was able to comment here! Yay!

  5. Welcome Home!!!!!! I'm so happy for you and James. Congrats for all the hard work you've done. Keep healing my friend - prayers and light to you.

    Love Katherine

  6. To one babe, B:
    now..wearing a baby... is that like wearing a "babble"??
    Is it marketable??... I know how you love investments...

    so, so glad you is home, sweet home! and with your loving James-boy (like John-boy)... did you know the Waldens didn't live too far away... just down 29 abit...

    from another babe (??aren't we all??)
    may your garden grow and grow!

    PS I met a "higher up" in Fiestaware the other week
    in an airport... nice guy...small small world... maybe you can do a Fiestaware scraps (cuz i heard they have them) mosaic one of these days in the future....
    luv ya... pal-pal.. bud-bud