Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5th....what the what!!!!!

A month has gone by! I missed my appt with the docs because I had a cold and they don't care for people with colds around newly transplanted patients with no immune system!!! Unlike ME who has a shiny new immune system!!!! I phoned the docs and the nurse said my tests were all good..everything was the same ..100 percent lung issues etc. So that was great but just as great was the fact that I caught a cold and it didn't turn into pneumonia and chest infection and put me if the hospital or worse. It was just a cold. So my immune system is working. the docs said getting sick was built up my immunities!!! So it's looking good. I'm still taking naps when I can. if I have to miss it I feel a little logy and then perk up. I'm back at the gym Now that my cold is better. Every event feels like an occasion. I keep thinking of where I was a year ago and it blows my mind. I'm still very careful and am the queen of hand sanitizer. you should see me at the gym wiping down the weights with antibacterial wipes. I make myself laugh! I find that the more I do the more I can do. I feel so lucky. I'm spending more time at school and next semester I teach in the classroom again. I see the students at school but I really miss the constant contact. So I'm heading into the holiday season with gratitude and a full heart. James is still very careful with me and as sweet as ever (mostly). My friends and family are close by and a pleasure and a comfort. Now where's my freakin Christmas tree!!!!
Take care and I'll keep posting!


  1. This makes me so happy, Beryl! I've been missing you lots lately--maybe we can Google chat or Skype soon. I'd love to hear your voice and see your happy face!