Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello! I had a good day with the Richmond Docs today. My biopsy came back and the results are perfect. I also got a few more vaccines and made a date to remove my port (July 16th). I'm excited about that. The port is not a good summer look! It's a small procedure (aren't they all??) in and out the same day. I have a few small things that I need to follow up with a local doc but nothing unusual or scary. I keep forgetting that I still have to have normal glitches like everyone else! I'm feeling great and have almost completely stopped napping. I do it for fun now- not necessity. My next biopsy is at the end of July so I'm still on a 3 month cycle. Not forever. I think until my 2nd anniversary. My billiruben is almost normal and my blood levels have remained stable. So, I'm a lucky duck! Here's to a lovely, uneventful summer! Beryl

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