Monday, July 16, 2012


Hello! I went to Richmond today to have my port removed! All went well- the doc said it was thoroughly encapsulated by a kind of scar tissue and was tough to get out..but he did it. He was wonderful. The Doc, Brian Strife, is the soon to be fiance of one of my colleagues daughters at PVCC AND was best friends with a guy my niece dated in med school and a casual friend. He was also the doc who removed my other port about a year ago. What are the odds? It was very comforting to know who was doing the work. It's a common surgery but it's still surgery. I'm resting- not doing any heavy lifting (literally!) and of course James is taking excellent care of me. I'm laying around like a carp and he's doing everything! I will have a scar on my chest and I'm starting to make up stories about how I got it. Truth....optional! I have a biopsy in a few weeks- I'll report results in late august/early september. I am feeling great- 100%. I'm also feeling lucky and grateful. Take care, Beryl

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