Friday, June 23, 2017

More stuff

The NY doc suggested a clinical trial at Columbia but I haven't been able to get much info on it other than it's very new, only 3-4 people in it, no real results, certainly no promises, and I would have to spend 1 day a week (really 2 with travel) in NYC indefinitely. I'm not seeing how this could happen, especially with it being indefinitely on-going with no clear benefit. In the meantime, one month ago I had 90% donor white cells and 10% old crappy returned cells. My most recent blood tests show it's almost 50/50 which is def going in the wrong direction. The hope was that this would be slow moving. We go to Houston this Sunday to meet with docs about clinical trials there. I'm not sure anything will be realistic for me but we are going to find out. I'll have a bone marrow biopsy there on Monday and results in a few weeks, That's the test that really matters. If I have normal blasts- things are less critical. My last biopsy was normal. If I have an increase in blasts, that's a different story. I'll know more in a few weeks. We met with Dr. Ballan at UVA's Bone Marrow Transplant center and we both liked her. Both she and my hematologist think I have a good chance of surviving another transplant 60-70% range.
On another planet, we are continuing with our upstairs renovation and had a lovely evening out with our beautiful grandson.
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