Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hi- sorry for the lapse

I'm sorry for the lapse. Life...am I right?
So the first cycle went well. So far no side affects. I am doing 5 days instead of 7, which is much easier. My hemoglobin was low and I had to have a transfusion. I haven't had one since my transplant. The low hemoglobin makes going up stairs and hills a challenge. Other than that I'm living my regular life. I'm at UVA right now waiting to see if I need more blood. My doc is being very attentive to this which I appreciate.
I'm trying to stop caffeine after 2:00 so I can tell when I am tired and actually rest. There's an innovative idea, right? In the meantime our home renovation is in full swing and we have been living with all of that excitement. There does seem to be an end in sight. (please baby Jesus!).
Thank you for your positive thoughts and energy. Sometimes I feel daunted but I've been able to do EMDR and come back.
School has started and I'm back in the saddle. I'm VERY lucky to be where I am.
Take care,
PS My Grandson just turned 3!!!!


  1. look at all those years in the right hand column. What a long strange trip it's been. The road goes on forever (and the party never ends) - you are loved.