Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First day done! New Jewelry!

I had my first day of chemo. It went very well. Things are very streamlined and much quicker. Instead of 30 minutes of anti nausea drugs.....a pill!!! Instead of 2 hours of dripping Vidaza- 30 minutes! I had a private room and James was with me. I barely had time to listen to my chemo affirmation tape and I wwas done. The nurses were great and I saw Dr. Douvas (hem/onc) too. He's great, as well. I feel good- I'm about to do some work and then hang out on the hammock and visualize. Here's hoping the next 6 days go as smoothly.
I've been juicing meditating and visualizing. James has been doing lots of EMDR with me which helps so so much. Seriously people, marry a therapist!!!
Thanks for all of the good wishes and love. I need it. I wore my Virgin Mary necklace  (thank you Mari) for power and strength.
I'll write tomorrow.
En la luche,