Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Latest from Chemo town

I met with the chemo doc- Dr. Douvas. James and I liked him. He seems very conscientious and was very open to our many many questions. He said he thought me being so far along (almost 5 years) was possibly in my favor- he thought the fact that it took so long for for old cells to reappear meant I was strong and resisting the cells. He was cautiously optimistic. The whole vibe at the Emily Couric Center was good. Very light, well staffed and everyone was pleasant.
So..... the deal is this is about a 6 months thing... chemo, chemo, more donor cells, chemo, bone marrow biopsy, more donor cells and chemo. They'll probably do the biopsy's pretty often to see how I'm doing. At this point I will be completely donor again and I'll be awesome and that will be the end of my MDS. That's my plan anyhow. I do chemo for 7 days in a row (including weekends), then rest 3 weeks then start again. I start the chemo next weds. I don't know what time of day. I'll see the cville doc 2x a week maybe less throughout the whole deal. I'll get my donor cells in Richmond at VCU. I'm hoping to continue exercising, juicing, doing LOTS of EMDR, praying, spending time with the fam and trying to be as healthy and strong as possible. I'll be doing alternative therapies as well so my dance card will be full. I'll reach out for help and hope I have your prayers and positive energy.
I know I do.
More as this unfolds.
In health,

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