Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 71

Hello Citizens,
I went to the clinic yesterday and received some high octane blood and magnesium! The meds are working my hemoglobin down!!
This cannot stand!! Anyway I have 3 days off- I'm back on monday when I'll hopefully get my hickman line out. For real this time.
Bridget and I did a little shopping today which was fun. I bought a blazer for Lyle's and Katie's wedding. I'm going to look like a newspaper- black white and red all over! (sorry) I just finished my promotion package for school. I had lots of time to go crazy on it and I've been collecting documentation for 3 years so it feels like a good substantial package. I hope they determine eligibility by the weight of the notebook. I taped some lead to the inside pocket!!!
This next week I'll finish up everything I can do for my on-line classes, hopefully. I keep thinking about it and really want to be prepared.
I'm feeling pretty good, walking the beast drinking water, napping etc. Keeping my eye on the prize!!
Stay well,


  1. Hi Beryl:

    double finger crossed for
    out with the hickman and in with the promotion!!


  2. Beryl:

    That is amazing. I am glued to your blog like a crazy person. Make sure you conceal the lead with plenty of paper so they dont know what it is. :) Will the blazer have articles that are readable? I will look for your article to read on the blazer :) :)