Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 80!!!!

It's a quiet day at home. I'm paying bills and filing medical and insurance stuff. james is cleaning and making us juice. We went to cville yesterday and picked up all the records and bills so I can start working on our tax prep. We have a great accountant and he has us trained to organize our material well. This is my least fav thing. I also went to cville on fri and saw my bud Anne M. and my boss Cliff Haury and colleague Sarah J. It was wonderful. I also saw the faculty show and Stacey Evans' show. OMG Fenella hung both shows beautifully and the work was amazing. I loved seeing a whole body of Stacey's work together. It felt like a train ride. Each piece so precise and distinct- each image it's own world view. I really loved it. The faculty show- what a group. everyone is so talented. I loved the show. If you haven't seen it you need to. It's up until Feb 2nd. It's hard to pick a fav because it's all sooooogood. I'm so proud to be in that department!
I've been poring over my "Edible Landscape" catalogue. (simmer down young lady!!!!!) Next year- all in good time. They'll still be there next year. They are plant geniuses!
I go to clinic tomorrow. james looked up side effects of one of the drugs I'm taking and found some good stuff. I'm very puffy faced (not a good look) on mons and tues and it tapers off a little by sat and sun. That corresponds to a big drug I take mon and tues. Also nausea a plenty. I'm not sure when this drug ends but I hope it's soon. Nauseous and moon pie face is NOT my spring look!!!!
Stay well,

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  1. Beryl Baby you are tough stuff. I am holding on to the happy penguin image of you rather than the dizzy puffy faced girl. Me, I am like the old priest guy on Laugh-in (if my memory serves me right) shuffling around like a little old lady/man. I am going to try to go back to work tomorrow but am not mobile enough to drive yet so I will be bumming rides. You should have seen me on a walker for 5 days. Sil is so disappointed I won't be using it at school. She was all ready to decorate it.

    Time to go back to the couch. I am hoping I do not get couch butt.