Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only Half Bionic Now!!

I had my Hickman port removed yesterday. I did not care for it. There's way too much body involved. Too messy for my taste but it's done. It wasn't too bad. I should be healed up by tomorrow- then I start training for the olympics in gymnastics.Glittery outfits-no??? I have a few days off from clinic so I worked on my on-line classes all day and I believe I'm ready. It's a lot of work! I bought some new reading glasses for all the papers that will start coming my way. (hmmmmmmm)
I received a prayer quilt from my good, long-time friend Marie, in Miami last night. It's full of wild colors (yayyy) and has a border of cherries on black. YES! ThMarie had everyone who knotted sign a paper so I could see who participated. She also left many untied threads so my cville buds could tie and pray/affirm too. Can you believe that? Marie was a student in the first college level course I ever taught- over 30 years ago!! We've been good friends a llooonngggg time. Anyway, I cried and cried (I'm teary now!) thinking about all my old friends, and families of friends and colleagues who knotted the quilt. That is the sort of thing that could never happen under normal circumstances. It's such a tangible sign of love and friendship. I'm very very grateful. So as I see my caregivers and family, I'll ask them to knot the quilt and the piece will be complete. I slept unr it last night and during my nap today. It felt like a blessing.
Your big baby friend,


  1. The quilt sounds like a wonderful gift... I quilt when I am there I will tie some ends. Much peace our way. I was in several meetings today where we sent thoughts your way.

  2. It is good to know you are wrapped in warm love and prayers. My knee surgery went well today. I am hobbling around on a walker...ahhhh middle age...

  3. You ARE a big baby. But that's why I love you. I wanna knot a thread...