Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 84

I've started back to school in an on-line, virtual sort of way. So far so good. As computer focused as I am it is a good fit. My friend Jen stayed with me the last two days and helped me with my excel spread sheet for my classes. She's so brainy! It was fun to spend time with her. On Tues my friend Marla stayed with me and made me some old school matzo ball soup. It was amazing. I do sound overly fond of chicken soups don't I? I can't help it. It's good and it stays down!!!
Tomorrow my friend JoJo comes. It's been a busy week but kinda slow- I'm chafing at the bit for day 100. They may or may not start weaning me off some drugs and I am so ready for that. I'm grateful for the meds and their wonderful work but I want to see what's under the hood after all this time. See what the old/new immune system is doing.
James and I forgot our anniversary!!! We were married Jan 14th 1978 so 33 years right?? How did that happen? I tell you what...I'm keeping him. He's fully loaded and fits like a glove! His mother told us 33 years ago that it was too close to the holidays and I hate to admit she was right. Don't tell her tho!
Take care,


  1. oh my, I forgot too. but you have this whole year to work on it. yeah a better date might be Feb. 14th for your anniversary.xxxoo. ps. I told Dottie.

  2. A belated Happy Anniversary to you!!!! We are coming up on our 25th on March 1st. We were married on my first spring break at Barry and for the next 24 years our anniversary was on spring break...This year Spring Break is the next week! Go figure, I am wondering if this is a fluke or if this will be the case for my next 25 years with Rick and at Barry?!?

    Tell Sil it took Dan and I 2 hours to get home because of the motorcade for the two cops killed in Miami. Today was going to be my first day driving to work since my surgery, Thank God sweet Dan talked me into picking me up again today. I would be cripple right now if I had driven home in that miserable traffic jam!


    Silvia is there today. What did she cook for you? Bet you are having too much fun to eat! Don't let her do Barry work while she is there!