Monday, January 24, 2011

day 88

Hello Blog Buddies,
I started a new medication today and ended another. I think it's a good trade off. I'm having a long day at the clinic, getting work done, thank goodness! It's well past my nap time but what can I do? I can't sleep in the clinic. It's unattractive. My dear friend Silvia is flying in this afternoon from Miami to take care of me. We've been friends since grad school. Not only is she a wonderful friend- she's crazy fun. I'm including a picture of me and another old friend, Lisa. Also wonderful and so much fun. A generous, dear dear friend. How did I get so many good friends you ask????? I'm fabulously wealthy!


  1. Hah! You are fabulously wealthy in good spirits! THAT is the explanation. Hope Silvia and you have a blast hanging out. And I hope the new medication has only good side effects.

  2. HI Beryl:

    You and Lisa look like twins in this photo!! HA!
    (I did a double take, I was at first thinking you did
    some of your photoshop magic!)

    BTW: won't the picture be even better with a screened in porch!! :)

    Almost day 90, then 91, 95 and 98, 99 and then viola day 100!!
    Sending good vibes!


  3. I love this picture of you and Lisa!

    Have fun with Sil.


  4. Berylbaby ans Sil and Angi....and here is one for you guys..Three Fabulous Babes....Oh is not letting me post the pic of you Babes....I will email it to all of you in a moment...Love you guys...LXOX