Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 100!

Hello Blog Buddies,
Today is day 100. I start reducing my meds slowly and allowing my own immune system to develop. This is a dangerous time and there are a lot of things my body needs to do if I am to recover from the transplant. I need to change over to my donors blood type, I need to fight the dreaded graft vs host disease which may rear it's scary head when the drugs are reduced, and I need to develop an immune system. The Graft vs Host disease may occur anywhere in the body and do a little or a lot of damage.It's a toss of the dice. That's one of the reasons for all of the tests. The quicker they find it, the quicker they can deal with it. My plan is to keep eating right, exercise regularly and juice more regularly. I'll also be meditating, visioning and praying like mad. We did some EMDR on it today which is very helpful. It's good to know I have your support and prayers too- I need them more than ever.
In the struggle!


  1. I have been thinking about you all day-day 100. Sending lots of love, prayers and healing thoughts your way.

  2. Ran into Virginia today at Kroger and we spoke of you. Thinking of you and wish you the best in spanking this next stage of recovery!

  3. wooopeee.....100!!!! you go girl...I am praying like crazy for are STRONG!!!! XOXOXX

  4. Beryl:
    HAPPY 100th day!!!! It's here!!!
    Super congrats...
    I am envisioning continued successful healing, a super-woman strong immune system, your new blood type that sticks to you like butter (is that even a real phrase...not sure.. ??.) and energy to do all you want to do! I think of you daily.

  5. Go, Beryl! Go, Beryl! It's your birthday—well, sorta. Day 100!!!!! Whoohooooooo! Now your body's ready to throw down and get well! No fear, just moving forward!

    Love you five gajillion tons,

  6. Just think about how 100 days from now this will all be a distant memory. You are doing things right so I know your new blood will kick ass. We are getting our patio ready for our big (and I mean BIG) movie night by the pool. Un abrazo.

  7. Yipppeeee!!! 100 days!!

    Okay, Beryl's body - time to really kick it into high gear. Are you playing the soundtrack from Rocky for your body? Go to iTunes and download it - play it while you visualize....hear the music...there goes your new immune system running up those stairs with it's little immune system arms above it head. :)

    Prayers, light and healing energy flowing your way!!!


  8. B-Bud,
    Happy Day 100. I hope today went well for you. I can think of 100 reasons why I love you and 100 ways you are fighting to make this happen for you. I send you 100 happy thoughts and 100 imagined roses.


  9. You guys are making me cry!

  10. Dear Beryl's blood & marrow--You made it! Day 100 has come & gone. Now you have another goal: make Beryl's blood & bone stronger every day from now till forever--or else!

    Beryl, I think of you so often, but don't get to check on you as much as I wish I could. I miss you in so many ways! Hugs to you!!

  11. Beryl, you are flat-out-AMAZING! I keep reading your blog and the ordeal that you're tackling head-on... and I am just blown away.