Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 109

Happy Valentines day!
I went to the clinic today with James and my cousin Barry. The good news is my donors blood type won and I am now a B positive! Isn't that the best blood type? I love it and I'll remember it! The final results are not in yet from the biopsy but it's still looking good. My pulmonary test came back normal. The results aren't as good as they were before the transplant but I was super fit then.
I have my CT chest scan on thursday. The docs said this summer in July and august are statistically when the graft vs host rears it's head so I'll need to be observant. I also start a new drug to prevent thrush. I've been putting it off but I'll start it tonight. I had my port lines removed today- they'll "access" me when I go to the clinic. The port is underneath my skin. Kinda creepy but it's nice not to have plastic crap dangling from my chest all the time. So it feels like progress. I talked to the doc about going back to face to face teaching in the fall and he was not excited. He said we won't know until august- when we see what happens with the graft vs host if anything. I'd love to be able to plan. I know I need to be grateful to be doing so well but I do like to plan. Another stupid lesson!!!
Hope you have a lovely valentines day!


  1. Great news about the new blood type!!!! Sounds like all good news.

  2. I love that you're "be positive!" Hooray for you & your blood!

  3. "B" is for Beryl who is always posative.Congrats!
    A belated Happy Valentine's Day to you too!Sounds like good news to me and I am glad for it.