Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 123

Hi All,
So I went to the docs today. I now only have to go to the clinic ONCE A WEEK! I rule!!! Doc McCarty (the big cheese) says I am doing super well and that I have NO chromosomal abnormalities at all. According to my blood and bone marrow I am MDS free!
My friend Mari is here and we were laughing about the Mouth of Martha story. She reminded me of the ending of the story. She asked me if I had any maps in the car and I said absolutely- I have maps- no problem. So we were very lost and she looks for the maps in my glove compartment and all I had were Cracker Barrel Maps. We had no idea where we were BUT we did know where the restaurants were. I actually still have the maps in my car, I think. You never know.
Be Well,