Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 102

Hello Buds,
Thanks for the comments on the posts. They make me teary and grateful to have such good friends. I just video chatted with my friends Rob and Anna and their gorgeous baby girl, Dottie. That is one enchanted child. I couldn't stop looking at her- all babies are amazing but this little girl has a surprising serenity. I think she gets it from me!!! Anyway I can't wait to meet her and hold her.

The clinic went well today. I had all my blood work- a crazy amount- and my bone marrow biopsy. The Dr. (MaryJo Martin) is gifted. She is so patient and gentle and funny. She makes it tolerable. The results will show my engraftment and other stuff. The results will come in in stages- the biggest result takes about 3 weeks. The goal is for the engraftment to hold steady. After the tests James brought me home and I slept like a monkey. An actual monkey. Can you believe it? Tomorrow my cousin Meg comes to care for me. She's a hoot and always fun to be around.
Stay well!
James just made me yummy stir fries. He's good looking and he sure can cook!

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