Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 116

I saw the big cheese doc today (John McCarty) and he said all my tests came back with great results and that I'm his best patient!! (maybe i encouraged him a little bit around that) James asked him when we could go home and he said not until the end of April. He explained (again) that I need to slowly get off the immunosuppressant drugs and then wait about a month to make sure everything stays stable. He reminded me (again) we didn't want to get careless now. I was very happy with all my test result but i thought it might mean going home a little earlier. Apparently not. (heavy sigh) I love the spring and my yard is just filled with flowering trees and the boatload of bulbs I planted in the fall. I'll have to go and visit them during March. The main thing is I'm heading in the right direction. McCarty wants me to see a pulmonary specialist just to make sure things are going well so that wlll be coming up. Maybe the porch will be finished by the time we go home. That would be pretty wonderful. I didn't need any meds in the lab today and on thurs I'm only going to take a breathing treatment- not have labwork done. This is such a slow recovery but it's still recovery and I'm very grateful to be on that side of it.
Stay well,

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  1. Sounds like great news, sorry you can't come home sooner. Is the breathing treatment to try to prevent lung trouble??? I know you said you would go home in March for a visit but if you want me to go to your house and take pics of all that is in bloom I would love to!!!!