Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 104

Hello Blog Buds,
It's been a quiet day- no news, no complaints! I sent a letter to the editor this week about health care and they published it!
Check it out:

Tomorrow I go to the clinic and have tests, then fri I see an eye doc. Other than that I'm keeping up with my school work and resting. James is making us juice now so I'm outta here.
Be well,


  1. I read your letter and totally agree--thanks so much for speaking up on this important issue. We need to take care of each other as a nation in our basic needs.

  2. Thanks for doing a good deed, Beryl--We all need to be speaking up more, so we can't hear Sarah Palin!

  3. Nice piece Beryl!!! It's amazing how true your words are....people are afraid to go the the doctor or emergency room because of costs. That is unacceptable.

    I hope your new immune system is rockin' today! Can't wait to see you back here in C'ville!

    Peace and love my friend,