Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 151

Hello Blog Pals,
So things went great at the clinic. My bilirubin is down to 2.4 (from 3.0 on thurs). I have learned how to spell bilirubin, which is good. My scans showed that everything was normal with my kidneys, liver etc. There was a small amount of liver disease from the chemo but it hasn't gotten worse and the doc says you could live your whole life and never even know you had the tiny amount of disease. So I'm ok with that. He also said we are still on track for going home on April 30th. There is still a danger of graft vs. host disease but that's an on-going concern. It could happen at any time or not at all so we are still cleared for take off. I feel very good and optimistic. I am going to take a little nap now and then grade some papers!!!! My dear friend John Mennes is coming into town tonight to take care of me. He's an old friend from Miami and grew up with James. He's also Marie's lovely husband. He might also be the sweetest man in the world. (except for james, of course)
Yayyyy Beryl


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great news!!!!!

  2. I can't tell you how relieved I am!!

  3. Glad you're still cleared for take off and all that bilirubin stuff is good. We started Battlestar Galactica, great recommendation. xo

  4. This is fantastic news, Beryl--home in 30 days?! HOORAY!!!