Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 154!!!

Hi Buds,
It's day 154. Can you believe that? I'm doing fine. No drama. My friend John is still with me. I love hearing him and James talking and laughing together in the morning. (I stay in bed until I hear the bananas being cut up). John is a good cook and an amazing cleaner. I've been house bound for a few days (furiously grading) but I think I may venture out today. I need to start the wheels in motion for going home too- reconnecting the internet, trash pick up etc. I keep picturing myself on the dreamy porch. I need to go home this week and see my flowers. I bet my tulips are blazing!
That's all I've got. No news is GREAT news.
Take care,


  1. No news sounds like GREAT news

  2. "there's no place like home" so glad you will be there soon. L, VA