Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 145

I'm just getting ready to grade papers. It's day 145- nothing special going on today- just school work. My billiruben (sp??) level went up a tiny bit again and the doc says I look yellowish. He took me off the liver helping drug and gave me NEW meds for a bladder infection. They are starting to get worried about my liver and want me to get a sonogram this thurs. I think my liver might be pregnant! My bone marrow is young enough to reproduce so we'll see what happens. James and I worked on a new EMDR tapping affirmation involving my liver and bladder. I don't even like to SAY those words! In the meantime I'm drinking water like a fish.
Marie went back to Florida. She was great- she can fold clothes too! (like Mari) I was kind of saving the last basket of clothes she folded. I didn't want to put the clothes away too soon- i wanted to savor it. My folding is really bad. I think I wait too long. I also wanted to say that Silvia makes the BEST scrambled eggs with cheese. Delish!!!
Stay well,

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  1. Beryl:
    are your friends for hire??
    I could use some good clothes folding in my household...well sheets really... those are so hard to do by ones self!!

    keepin' sending positive energies your way!
    Jen VW