Thursday, March 24, 2011

Liver Scan!

My friend Kate brought me in for my tests today. The worst part was not eating or drinking for 8 hrs before the test. The breathing therapy went well and the scan was on time and painless. They scanned all my guts. I had no idea where some of my organs were. The tech was very nice and told me what everything was and what we were looking for. She was great. Apparently your liver can't get pregnant so call off the baby shower. I go back to the clinic on monday and the doc will tell me what the deal is. My billiruben went up a little more to 3. On a happier note my hair is growing a little more and I look like ........well, lets just say I'm still wearing a hat. I had a good talk tonight with my friend Lisa, who is in the middle of her own health struggles and she sounded great. I'm so grateful for the people in my life. They're jewels.
I'm loving the Spring. Even the weeds are a gorgeous green!
Take care,


  1. Sending both you and Lisa blasts of good health vibes!!!

  2. We are equally grateful for having you in our lives. So glad to hear that Lisa is coming out the other side of this. Please give her for me the love, prayers, and positive thoughts that I am sending you for positive results tomorrow. "B" positive!