Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 26

Things are ok here. Still very little discomfort. I worked out a little with weights (James brought me my "vitals".) He also fixed the stationary bike and put up a hook in the bathroom for me. Plus he's doing my laundry every day. Seriously, I'm keeping him! I skyped several times today. It felt great. I did some design work for Lyle and Katie. We skyped the changes. It worked well. Rob Tarbell gave me an assist too. I also did a little school work. It's weird how fast the days go by. I'm glad I brought so much stuff to do.
I'm half way through the chemo. I'm drinking like a fish still. It really helps.
The nurses and care partners continue to be so helpful and careful with me. I've seen Dr. Chung, one of the transplant docs, every day so far. He's brainy and charming. I'm looking forward to this all being a weird story from long long ago.
Take care,


  1. Hey Superwoman...has anyone told you lately - YOU ROCK! Glad you have a bike to ride. When you're on it - do you picture where you're riding? Are you riding down country roads with wild flower fields on either side? Or are you on a magical ride through the stars as you peddle your way to the moon?

    Hey - wanta have tea a year from now at Greenbury's? We can sit outside with our sweaters on and talk about how beautiful the Fall is? Wanta make a date? October 24th, 2011. I'll be there!!

    Peace my powerful friend,

  2. Hey,
    I usually watch YV= something funny like The Office. I put our tea date on my I calendar. Can't freekin wait~

  3. TV!! Sorry, I'm typing in the dark!

  4. You know - it's time we heard from James too.- I'd like to know how he's doing with all this stuff.

  5. B-

    It's on my calendar too!!!

    What's up with the no lights...did they not pay their electric bill? What kinda dive are you lounging in? You soooo deserve 5stars! (teehee)

  6. I want a date too. Margaritas on the beach, at night. Maybe in Feb. 2012 when you want a break from the cold in sunny south florida.

  7. Okay I am in on the Florida beach date! The apartment looks great and I can't believe how well connected you are electronically ...I've got to get with the program but a month ago I had never "blogged" you are lhelping me to progress....And that you are exercising while connected...amazing...That is why I always called you our "can-do" girl. There is no stopping Berolla Soella.Hello to Jim, your boys and their girls.