Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 3!

I'm still rolling through the drugs. James is moving into the apt. which i looking pretty good. Art makes it home, mos def. I exercised a lot- biking, squats and dancing around and punching (carefully because I have 4 intravenous lines working on me) I am loving all of my electronics. I skyped with my friend and colleague Bill yesterday and my bud Laura. It was just like a visit but without the germs. When my counts are low the docs definitely want me to be isolated. So I'll be skypin and typin.
Lyle and Katie are helping James do the final move and sort out all the electronics (thank God) What a task.
So I still feel good. I met my neighbor yesterday. A 2 year old boy, Jamir (I think). He kept looking at my shoes and I felt a little self conscious. I should have brought some snazzier footware!
Here's some photos of the apt. It looks even better now. These are from the first day we moved the big stuff.


  1. whose bed is that? - I still want to see the kitchen, the bathroom & the washer/dryer. All you care about is cool furniture - maybe you should marry your furniture. (I see you've got the fam portrait hanging on the wall)

  2. Maybe I will marry my furniture. Would you like to come to the wedding???? There will be lots of places to sit!!