Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 29

I am still wacky with drugs. So so many! Last night I was on a super dose of dialantin (sp??) When I closed my eyes I could see the stars from outside my house. It was spectacular. I imagined looking at them with James.
I started the chemo today. They have a very firm schedule and they stick to it. They do vitals (blood pressure, temp and oxygen levels) every 4 hours which is ok. The whole idea of "vitals" is significant.I'm drinking water like a fish. The nurse, Len, says I'll be less spacey as the dialantin leaves my system. I'm not a fan of the woozy.
I haven't unpacked yet. I'm still slated to move later in the day.
I took a shower- apparently you are suppose to unplug your med machine before you bath. It was very confusing. They have a chair in the shower too. I asked for a table in there so I could work on my laptop while I showered... Apparently THAT's not ok either.
I'm slowly learning the culture.
On the drip,

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