Saturday, October 30, 2010

Me So Tired

GI issues are in full bloom. I was on the bike, walking the halls and listening to music this morning. I slept a lot today. I generally feel OK as long as I'm not racing like a maniac to the bathroom. James brought me treats, but surprisingly no jewelry. We watched a little of the Rally for the Return to Sanity and/or Fear, which was wonderful. At this point, we're not looking for visitors until I feel better. Thank you for your continued prayers and energy. I feel them and I'm grateful for them.



  1. great Marion and I are sending you much love and many prayers
    love and peace
    Barbara(heyl) and Marion

  2. The biggest FOB's on the planet are down here in south florida rooting for you. Joe, Phil, Ry, Chimbo and Barley (the devil dog) included.

  3. James is doing the typing now and "channeling" Beryl. Thanks bro.

  4. Way to go Superwoman! You are my hero!

    Much love and continued prayers,
    Angi and Rick (my bionic man)

  5. I must be one of your most demented friends. I just now scrolled down to find this box in which I can comment. DUH!!

    I've been lighting candles for you and holding juicy healthy visions of your spicy take on life. Like, what's that mouth got to say about this !@#$%^&* election?

    Miss you. Be well.
    Love, Jojo