Friday, October 22, 2010

In the night

So a good day, overall. I did a little school work (I can't help it!!) and email stuff and learned to edit in IPhoto. Nothing fancy but it's good. Bridget (my fab daughter-i-law) finished drawing the art work for Lyle and Katie's "Save The Date" card. I'm going to work on doing a hi rez version of their mock-up (which looks really great). How happy am I to be working on this?
I walked a little today- not too much of an area is open to me, and did 75 squats. I am going to TRY to stay fit. I'm still drinking like a fish and my port wound in healing beautifully. The nurses are great. Everyone who I've talked to (transplant folks) raved about them and they are right. I love the Dr. Chung. So overall I feel very lucky to have this range and level of support. Medical, spiritual, family and friends. As Larry David would say, "Pretty, pretty, pretty good."


  1. xo :) Going to come see you soon...I will give you heads up....lots of love. Posted a comment yesterday but didn't see it on here so not sure if I did it

  2. If you love Dr. Chung, we all love Dr. Chung. Can you summon up Richard Simmons in your virtual world and do some exercises with him. He'll make sure you stay fit and he knows Oprah.
    Drink up, it is good for you. Hi from everyone here, especially Ryan who is looking over my shoulder.

  3. Glad to hear the guardian angels, angels of mercey,and miracle workers are all on your team and that though that place has become your life for now (I can empathize here)you are staying connected and working on your next wedding.Rick sends you his best.

  4. We are sending extra super strong good vibes your way & thinking of you often! We miss you and hope to see you soon! Let us know if you ever want us to bring you anything! Love to you and James!!!

  5. Hi Beryl,
    Would you believe I'm at Angi's again... second weekend in a row. For me that's a WOW!
    Love it here. Get treated royally. In fact Rick
    just called me in for a Martini. Weddings, we're
    really looking forward to our Ashley's. Be good and take care of you.
    Love, Ceil

  6. It's good to hear from you all! xoxoxoxo