Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lift Off!

So the tests are fine and I am going in Thurday morning. At 10am I'll get my ports in (I'll be wifi ready and I can charge all my electronics!!!) and check into my room by 11:00. (hmmm)
My mailing address while I'm in the hospital is

Beryl Solla
MT Unit-North 7
1300 E. Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23298

I should be there until thanksgivingish. Then our apt. (which is looking pretty great) is
11210 Ashford Lake Place Apt. 222
Richmond, VA 23233.
Our apt phone number is 804-935-1720
my cell is 434-953-7217
James is 434-960-5606

Again, thanks for your help, your prayers and your awesomeness!


  1. OK now I know where to go! - I'll put a map on the website. Upstairs? - you got an elevator? (I think 7 of 9 - the curvatious star trek borg - had a port) You'll wish you'd had it sooner when they start using the port instead of sticking you with needles!

  2. You go girl!!!!! Woohoo!! Know I got tons of folks sending up positive thoughts and prayers for my awesome bud! Love you!!

  3. I sure hope you're having a good time tonight!

  4. We are with you. Un abrazo fuerte mi amiga! My lucky Virgin of Guadalupe mouse pad is with you too. All good things....