Monday, October 25, 2010

day -4

I exercised on the bike today and used the hand weights. I did some work, checked e-mail etc. My friend Lisa came by for a great visit, also Lyle came by (after he fixed my scanner at the apt) followed by James. He brought me some good healthy frozen food from Whole Foods. I've hit my limit with the hospital food. Can't do it anymore. I'm feeling a little queezy tonight and plan to get to bed.


  1. I will try to help you stay in shape. As soon as I figure out how to burn the bodypump with Chris onto a dvd! Both times I tried it took hours to download but then crashed when it was supposed to burn. razzen-frazzen. Sending you positive energy- and don't forget to add some lunges to those squats.

  2. OMG..Berylbaby, your room is lke no other hospital room...your Hawaiian Hoolagirl red lamp and art on the walls and birds chirping made me ask this Beryl's beautiful home?? and have I just lifted words from one of Beryl's most loved groups?? I better get a date with you too otherwise your dance card is going to fill up very quickly for the fall!!! Love you Bud!!

  3. Hi Beryl,

    Is the red lamp really a Hoolagirl or a Whoagirl? You sound great and i don't think you will scruff the good times either. we are thinking about you.


    the rosenbergs (julius, ethyl et al)

  4. Beryl, and all blog people - am still a novice at this comment thing. Somehow, all comments seem to end up in cyberspace - but want you to know there are many more of us out here wishing you good thoughts and love. Candy

  5. You are like Sara Connor from Terminator II. After all the work out you will be buff and ready for some fighting. Much love.
    PS Good movie to re-watch.

  6. I agree with Sil....Sara Connor kicks it, she can actually learn some tips from you sweets....!!! Why didn't they give her a bike? and why is Sil up so early??

  7. Our girl is struggling today- She had a bad reaction to her Rx and they were forced to sedate her. Transplant is still on for Friday. James and Lyle are with her. I'll relay status here until Beryl or James can get back to it. We knew this would not be easy.

  8. Oh, thanks for the update, Joe. Yikes. Sending her my best, healthy vibes.

  9. Hang in there B-bud. Blessings on you today and especially tomorrow. Think about working in your beautiful garden.

    Much love,

    Hey Joe are you in Virginia with Beryl and company?

  10. Beryl,
    I obviously have been living in a cave..... I knew nothing about what was going on with you until today. I am with you what can I do????? Your blog is great I will follow but how can I help. When you ready/able for company let me know. I too have an IPAD we can laugh I hope soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers, might we putnyounon the prayer list our church?
    love and peace