Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dec 12th Day 45!

Hi All,
It's been another week and I'm on day 45 since my transplant. It doesn't seem that long and it seems forever. My taste buds are getting less salt-focused. Sweet things taste more sweet and less salty which is a very good thing. I can also drink tea now which is huge. I go to the clinic tomorrow and expect scads of blood work to be done. I'm not sure what else- it's always a surprise. I worked on school stuff for Spring today and it felt very good to do "normal" stuff. I've been hounding Craig's list all week for a used treadmill and I got one today. James and Joe picked it up for me and it is a mammoth mofo! Katie and Lyle helped us muscle it upstairs. My docs told me last week I was losing muscle mass and would continue until I could exercise more. Knowing my wimpy florida self was NOT going to be walking in the cold with a mask on I decided I needed me a treadmill. This fat boy is it. Losing muscle mass....I don't think so- I'm WAY too vain for that! Bald and saggy???? Not an option and the hair is taking it's sweet time!
Let There be Light went super well and James is now a rock star AND my slave monkey! Two for two...very nice.
Take care,


  1. Beryl:

    A private gym...what super-duper luxury!

    Is a personal trainer
    (serious, yet sensitive and suavely dressed)
    on the list too??!!!???

    (I don't mean CraigsList...I'm sure that that
    is there...I mean wish list....)


  2. Let There Be Light was awesome, Beryl. Theo and I watched the raku being pulled from the kiln and dunked in water. He loved it--and Fenella kept warm loads of apple cider, poored with panache and a sprinkle a cinnamon by Jeff Justice, that he drank with relish.

  3. You need to get another one, so we can recreate our gym visits!

  4. Of course Let There Be Light went super well! You do have the best faculty in VA.

    We received your card today. And I wanted to let you know that the girl had us lighting the menorah and spinning the dreidel this year.

    We miss your fabulous, glitter-coated self. Take care. You, James and your boys (and their girls) are in our prayers.