Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Hello Revelers!
I've got 2 days off from clinic and am spending it with James. We shopped a little last night and snapped up some post christmas bargains. I scared the young kids in my mask!! My son Lyle and the lovely Katie came by for a snack and drinks and video chatted with my good friend Mari and the Lizama Clan in Spain and my art buds in Cville. James made some great soup for us. He's become quite the chef. I spoke with my doc on thurs and he says I can drive if I feel up to it (I DO!) and so if all goes well I'll be home by the end of March. Here's hoping to all going well. I'm still trying to stay in the moment! A huge task for me!! I 'm including a pic wearing a gift from Ian and Bridget. I think it's very fashion forward- no??
Happy New Years!


  1. Can't wait to see you back here, Beryl. Happiest of new years to you.

  2. So, Pippi Longstocking.......I LOVE absolutely perfecto!!! I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday...will you please please wear the Pippi look????

  3. I will have to concour with the whole Pippi Longstocking look. It is fabuloso (spelling) Now you just need to pull it back and give us followers some new pics :) Maybe a little french braid.