Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Dec 9th

I'm in the clinic. I had a sonogram of my liver and gall bladder today. They need to rename the gall bladder- jeez those are ugly words. Gall Bladder. Nope- I'm not liking that name. I 'm getting a little mag and also seeing the doc. Tomorrow is Let There Be Light. We're very excited about it. Fenella is taking over a lot of the heavy lifting. Everyone is pitching in. It's going to be amazing.
I'm feeling pretty good- no drama- no surprises. I did see some tiger cubs in my stomach during the sonogram. I asked the tech and she confirmed. I think that's what the doc wants to talk about. I'm concerned-- don't tell James!!


  1. make sure you feed those Tiger cubs well :)

  2. Try not to worry. Take a deep breath and only focus on posative outcomes. A little "three steps forward and two steps back" in recovery is normal.
    I had a Chinese lunch with my Mom (I think all of my friends love me so they can love my Mom!) and Rita Sordellini today so Rita could knot and pray on your quilt (and to have a long over due catch-up.) I called her to see if she would like for me to stop by with the quilt (she lives in Hollywood now) and then decided I could never just stop by, I'd need more of her that that, so we planned the lunch. I love Rita - always such a posative energy surge from her. I "feel the love" and she embedded it in your quilt too. Turns out she had a quadrupple by-pass in early July, right before Rick!!! I think bypass surgery is the new root canal!
    Angi (Today is our girl Silvia's birthday!)