Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Dec 7th Pearl harbor Day Remain Calm!!!!

Remain Calm and carry On!
Hello Americans,
It's another day at the clinic. I received BLOOD, magnesium and fluids. I've been here way too long! I got here at 9:30 and it's 2:20 now. Sweet baby jesus wants me to go home. Pretty soon I think. I've been working on my hospital project today. It's a guide to going through this "event" for future patients. Something I wish I had had. I've been talking about it for months and today is the day. I'm going to go to the store with my brother, Joe, and get him some gloves and a hat and scarf. Floridians!!!! He's here for 3 weeks and I want him to stay warm and well! This friday is Let There Be Light at PVCC- 6-9pm. This will be the best year ever. Check it out- you will be super jazzed- it's outside of the Dickinson building and features 19 artists doing light based artwork. Hot Chocolate and snacks will be available in the Dickinson Commons. The faculty show and Stacey Evans' Tracking People shows are up in the galleries. Both are wonderful. Seriously, best faculty at ANY art school in Virginia. (modest, as ever- I really think we're the best in the region!!)
Stay warm!


  1. Electric blankets are also great!!
    (can't believe I ever lived in Chicago)

    looking forward to another super LTBL.

  2. Hey it is cold here in Florida too today! It was 38 degrees when I got up this morning. Of course my weenie pool was closed even though the pool is heated to 84 degrees, so I enjoyed a lovely walk in my neighborhood.

    Yesterday Marie Mennes dropped her prayer quilt at school. Lots of sweet prayers are coming your way. Pat is graciously guarding it and gathering prayers, knots and signatures in the Art office. She is retiring a week from Friday and is very happy to help get you prayers and warm wishes in her last days at Barry. Tonight the quilt went home with Sil and tomorrow night I will take it to my mother to knot her love and very powerful prayers into it.