Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Post Post

It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone. I've had two days off and head back to the clinic tomorrow. I've been doing odds and ends (as long as it's sanitary!!) and resting a lot. James has been with me and has also gotten in a little rest. Today I walked on the beast for 30 minutes- uninterrupted- I'm pretty excited about that. I restarted taking an anti pneumonia drug I took about a month ago. It's very strong and I take it for two days then wait 5 days. So far no side effects which I'm really glad about. We went to the house yesterday and James pruned my roses for me. It's been on my mind and he tok care of it. Those roses worked so hard last summer and spring and way into fall. They were full of frozen buds. Imagine. Such hard workers!
On monday the physicians asst told me my chromosomes are ALL normal! 100%. So far so good. I take another bone marrow test next week so we'll see if the results hold.
Take care,


  1. Please take that anti pneumonia drug, you don't need that. Great about the roses, we just pruned ours as well, imagine new growth in spring.

  2. You know my promise of long ago holds—you get to boss me around your garden to your heart's content. I am your dirt monkey!